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23rd Annual Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science

Bone Student Center
Normal , Illinois
April 24, 2015

2015 Conference Program

Registration: 8 - 11:45am

Circus Room

Guidelines for Chairs, Presenters, and Discussants

Participating Colleges and Universities:

Bowling Green State University, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Lewis & Clark College, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University New Orleans, Monmouth College, St. John's University, Saint Louis University, Syracuse University, Temple University, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of Missouri Saint Louis, University of Texas at Austin, Western Illinois University

Session 1: 8:30-10:00 AM

Panel 1-A: Environmental Politics
Spotlight Room

Chair: Kenney Kilman, Illinois State University
Discussant: Julia Neaves, Illinois State University

James Arthur, Eastern Illinois University
Media Frames of Fracking in Illinois

Florian Varian, Monmouth College
The Climate Change Debate in the United-States: Political Polarization, Skepticism and the Role of Experts

Samantha Seaman, Loyola University Chicago
Cooperation in International Environmental Treaties

Vivian Skumpija, Temple University
The Urgent State of the Earth: International Organizations and Non-State Actors to Enforce Compliance with International Environmental Law on Climate Change

Panel 1-B: International Relations
Old Main

Chair: Steven Richardson, Illinois State University
Discussant: Sandra Ahmadi, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Kathleen McStay, Monmouth College
The Peace Process in Northern Ireland and Its Applicability to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Love Jordan, Loyola University Chicago
Female Agency and Empowerment in Iran

Panel 1-C: Race Politics
1st Floor West Lounge

Chair: Ben Feminella, Illinois State University
Discussant: Dayna Schickedanz, Illinois State University

Corbin Beastrom, Monmouth College
Can Contemporary America Compensate African Americans for Past Injuries and Present Inequalities? A Candid History, Analysis of Reparations, and Possible Solution

Laura Christensen, Lewis & Clark College
Felon Disenfranchisement Laws: The Silencing of the African-American Voice

Yaritza Navarretee, Monmouth College
Why the Belief that Undocumented Immigrants Have a Negative Impact on the United States is Wrong

Emily Holt, Monmouth College
The Relationship Between the Hispanic Electorate and the Republican Party

Session 2: 10:10-11:40 AM

Panel 2-A: Campaigns and Elections

Spotlight Room

Chair: Corbin Beastrom, Monmouth College
Discussant: Chris Farrer, Illinois State University

Christopher Rassi, St. John's University
The Few: Why Congressional Incumbents Lose

Samantha Sarich, Eastern Illinois University
Gendered Media Coverage of Female Governors

Christopher Pulliam, Syracuse University
The Effect of Party Affiliation on Views Regarding a Woman Serving as President

Anthony Pierucci, Illinois State University
Padania or Federalism? An Analysis of Electoral Factors in the Lega Nord's Spatial Demands

Panel 2-B: Political Theory
Old Main

Chair: Yamato Hiromatsu, Illinois State University
Discussant: Yamato Hiromatsu, Illinois State University

Audra Siliunas, Saint Louis University
John Stuart Mills Harm Principle Applied to the Steroid Policy of the U.S.A.

Emily Ordaz, Monmouth College
Preserving Americas Original Values

Ethan Levinton, University of Texas at Austin
Tocqueville and the Question of Legalism

Luncheon: 11:55-12:30 PM

Circus Room (for participants)

Keynote Speaker: 12:30-1:15 PM

Circus Room (open to the public)

Molly Melin, Loyola University Chicago
Who Keeps the Peace? Understanding State Contributions to UN Peacekeeping

Session 3: 1:30-3:00 PM

Panel 3-A: Social Movements
Spotlight Room

Chair: Anthony Pierucci, Illinois State University
Discussant: Anthony Pierucci, Illinois State University

Yamato Hiromatsu, Illinois State University
Protest Events of the Tea Party Movement and Senatorial Voting Behavior

Luis Quinones, St. John's University
From Rallies to Results: How Mr. Tea Party Went To Washington and Mr. Occupy Stayed Behind

Stephen Gurney, Loyola University New Orleans
Revolutions in the Age of Social Media

Panel 3-B: Crime and Politics
Old Main

Chair: Courtney Johnson, Illinois State University
Discussant: Courtney Johnson, Illinois State University

Manuel Pelayo, Monmouth College
Narco Terrorism in Mexico

Julia Neaves, Illinois State University
Road to Recovery: Recidivism and the McLean County Drug Court

Alex Waszak, Monmouth College
Drones, A Watchful Protector?

Session 4: 3:10-4:40 PM

Panel 4-A: Political Economy
Spotlight Room

Chair: Arafat Kabir, Illinois State University
Discussant: Keith Smilie, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sandra Ahmadi, University of Missouri Kansas City
Limitations of Monetary Unions for Peripheral Countries

Arianna Harding, Bowling Green State University
Adjusting GDP as a Measure for Economic Growth and Public Wellbeing: How Environmental Politics Can Benefit from Economic Policy Change

Courtney Johnson, Illinois State University
The Impacts of Capital Structure on Depth of Outreach in Sub-Saharan Africa

David Graham, University of Missouri, Saint Louis
From Great Depression to Great Financial Crisis: A Comparative Analysis

Panel 4-B: Political Participation
Old Main

Chair: Amie Soltas, Illinois State University
Discussant: Amie Soltas, Illinois State University

Mykala Keuter, University of Colorado at Boulder
Selectivity of Television Media: The Effects of Quasi-Social Networks on Voter Participation

Kyle Davis, Western Illinois University
The Future Generation: An Analysis of College Student Political Activity

Elizabeth Meyer, Monmouth College
Voter Identification in America: Restrictions that Inhibit Electorate Disrupt Democracy

This conference is sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, the Undergraduate Political Science Association, The Graduate Student Association, and The Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University.

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