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Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

The minor is designed for students interested in exploring the politics, society, cultures, and economics of countries in the Middle East and South Asia. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach for students to explore the socio-political-economic dynamics of countries in this region.

The minor also allows for examination of the impacts of global politics, especially the U.S. foreign policies, on the socio-political-environment of this region. The minor will prepare students for a better understanding of one of the most volatile and influential regions of the world.

Through this structured study of the Middle East and South Asia, students will increase their job prospects in the fields of research, public administration, and non-governmental development organizations.

Why Study Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies?

Currently, the Middle East and South Asia is home to one-fifth of the global population. The nations in this region are facing enormous economic challenges, as well as political and military tensions. Recent changes in the global political arena make this region extremely significant for study. Cultural elements play an important role in developing the domestic policies of countries in this region, and will continue to do so in the future.

Global powers, such as the United States, have been influenced by the roles countries in this region play in global politics. Actions of the countries in the Middle East and South Asia have impacted the policy decisions and actions of global powers; as well as global powers influencing the countries in this region. A mutual interdependence exists between the Middle East and South Asia, and global powers.

Therefore, an understanding of the culture, politics, and economy of the region is necessary for recognizing its implications for our daily lives, and the implications of the policies pursued by the U.S. administration.

Application Information

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Application Period

Applications for the Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies minor are always being accepted.

Academic Advising

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Yusuf Sarfati  Schroeder Hall 403D  (309) 438-5785 
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