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Coursework Requirements

Students in the ACD sequence must complete ether 40 hours (Option I - Capstone) or 36 hours (Option II - Thesis).

  • All new graduate students should be registered for POL 496, Introduction to Political Inquiry.
  • After taking POL 496, students must take either POL 461 or POL 497. Note: Students who take either these courses can then take the other in order to fulfill seminar requirements as listed by sequence (see below).
  • The remaining seminar requirements are specific to each sequence, including the Master's Degree in Political Science option, as listed in the Graduate Catalog.
  • Up to 3 hours of the 32 hour total may be taken in relevant courses in other departments with the prior approval of the Graduate Director.
  • However, with the prior approval of the Graduate Director, a student may substitute one three-credit Independent Study (POL 400) or Readings (POL 490) course for a seminar when (1) the student is taking an independent study or readings course in the summer; and (2) the instructor certifies in writing that the material covered in the summer course adequately substitutes for the material covered in a regular seminar.
  • Of the 32 hours required in graduate-level courses, no more than twelve (12) hours may be credited from any combination of POL 400, 490, 491, 495, and 498.
  • According to Graduate School policies, no more than 20% of a student's credit hours in any degree program may be derived from public service internship hours.
  • Also, there are some other limitations on non-classroom credit hours; consult the Graduate Catalog.

In addition to the course requirements listed above, a student must either complete

  • A master's thesis
  • Or pass a series of comprehensive exams.
  • Applied Community Development students have the option of completing 39 hours of course work including a capstone paper to complete their requirements for graduation.
    • Comprehensive exams are not a graduation option for Applied Community Development students.