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Dr. Ali Riaz

Distinguished Professor
Politics and Government
Schroeder Hall - SCH 405
Office Hours
Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. & by appointment
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Current Courses

254.001Global Issues

151.001Introduction to International Relations

441.001Seminar In Comparative Politics

345.001Topics In Asian Politics

445.001Topics In Asian Politics

Teaching Interests & Areas

South Asian Politics, Comparative Politics

Research Interests & Areas

Political Islam, South Asian Politics, Bangladeshi Politics, Democratization, Violent Extremism

Ph D Political Science

University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

MA Political Science

University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

MA Communication

University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

MA Mass Communication and Journalism

University of Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh

BA Mass Communication and Journalism

University of Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Impact Award

Illinois State University

Excellence in Teaching Award

Pi Aigma Alpha, Illinois State University

Research Enhancement Award

Illinois State University

Outstanding College Researcher Award

CAS, Illinois State University

Dean's Award for Outstanding Scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University

Special Recognition for Services

Claflin University, South Carolina

Werner Levi Award

Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii

East West Center Honor Award

University of Hawaii

Who's Who International Student Certificate of Merit


Book, Authored

Riaz, A. Lekhoker Dai (Responsibilities of a writer, in Bengali) (লেখকের দায়). Batighar (2022): 144.
Riaz, A. More Than Meets the Eyes: Essays on Bangladeshi Politics. University Press Limited (2022)
Riaz, A. Bhoyer Sangskriti (Culture of Fear, in Bengali). Prothoma (2021)
Riaz, A. Nikhjoj Gonotontro (The Missing Democracy, in Bengali). Prothoma (2021)
Riaz, A. Bangladesh: A Political History since Independence. Bloomsbury (2019)

Book, Chapter

Riaz, A. Bangladesh in the Midst of Vaccine Diplomacy. Sumit Ganguly and Dinsha Mistree (EDs), The Covid-19 Crisis in South Asia: Coping with Pandemic. Routledge (2022)
Riaz, A. Bangladesh: In pursuit of a one-party state?. Sten Widmalmn (EDs), Routledge Handbook of Autocratization. Routledge (2022)
Riaz, A. Bangladesh's International Relations with South Asia and Beyond. Sumit Ganguly and Frank O'Donnell (EDs), Routledge Handbook of the International Relations in South Asia. Routledge (2022)
Riaz, A. Religious Radicalization in Bangladesh. Habibul Khondker, Olav Muurlink and Asif Bin Ali (EDs), The Emergence of Bangladesh: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Palgrave MacMillan (2022)
Riaz, A. The Culture of Fear in Global Politics. Bikash Ranjan Deb (EDs), Culture of Fear in World Politics: Origins and Ramifications. Levant books (2022)

Book, Edited

Riaz, A. Religion and Politics in South Asia, 2nd edition. Routledge (2021)
Riaz, A., Nasreen, Z., & Zaman, F. Political Violence in South Asia. Routledge (2018)
Riaz, A. Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Bangladesh. Routledge (2016)
Riaz, A. Political Islam and Governance in Bangladesh. Ali Riaz and C. Christine Fair (EDs). Routledge (2011)
Riaz, A. Religion and Politics in South Asia. Routledge (2010)

Journal Article

Riaz, A., & Rana, M. Democratic Erosion in Comparative Contexts: Evidence from Egypt, Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan. Habib Zafarullah (EDs). Journal of Governance, Security and Development 3.1 (2022): 1-23.
Riaz, A., & Rana, M. Securitization of the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. Journal of Asian and African Studies (JAAS) (2022)
Riaz, A., & Parvez, S. Anatomy of a Rigged Election in a Hybrid Regime: The Lessons from Bangladesh. Democratization 28.4 (2021): 810-820.
Riaz, A. Terrorism, Counter Terrorism and Models of Counter Terrorism: An Overview. Counter Terrorism Journal 1.1 (2021): 39-60.
Riaz, A. The pathway of democratic backsliding in Bangladesh,. Democratization 28.1 (2021): 179-197.

Magazine/Trade Publication

Riaz, A. Bangladesh's Quite Slide into Autocracy. Foreign Affairs (2022)
Riaz, A. Bangladesh's democracy slides amid tilt to China. East Asia Forum (2022)
Riaz, A. Fifty Years of Bangladesh-US Relations: Pathways and Trajectories. American Chamber of Commerce 16.4 (2022)
Riaz, A. What is Next for Bangladeshi Politics?. South Asian Voices (2022)
Riaz, A., & Parvez, S. Bangladesh at 50: The Transformation of a Nation. Diplomat (2021)

Newspaper, Article

Riaz, A. A constitution without constitutionalism. The Daily Star (2022)
Riaz, A. Citizens' fundamental rights are not the executive's choice. The Daily Star (2022)
Riaz, A. Dhaka's abstention in Ukraine vote is an anomaly. The Daily Star (2022)
Riaz, A. Imran Khan's downfall and the judiciary's role into it. The Daily Star (2022)
Riaz, A. One year of US sanctions: Denial and Defiance. The Daily Star (2022)

Working Paper

Riaz, A. Global Jihad, Sectarianism and The Madrassahs in Pakistan. Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technological University (2005)


Bangladesh Politics. Marginalization & Inclusion in South Asia: Economic, Politics & Culture. Saxena Center for South Asian Studies, Brown University. (2022)
Bangladesh-India Relations: Too close for comfort. Bay of Bengal Conversation. Centre for Governance Studies. (2022)
En Route to Authoritarianism? Democratic Backsliding in Bangladesh. Tokyo International University Global Dialogue. Tokyo International University. (2022)
More Than Meets the Eye. Book Launch, "More Than Meets the Eye". University Press Limited. (2022)
South Asian State, China and the US. Bay of Bengal Conversation. Centre for Governance Studies. (2022)
Sovereign Apology and Justice for Victims: A Case for Pakistan's Apology for 1971 Genocide. The Politics of Truth and Justice in South Asia. University of Massachusetts. (2022)
The Twists and Turns of Islamist Militancy in Bangladesh. International Studies Association Convention. International Studies Association. (2022)
The politics of Covid-19 Pandemic in South Asia. International Studies Association Convention. International studies Association. (2022)
50 Years of Bangladesh Politics: Nature and Trends. Nazmul Karim Memorial Lecture. Nazmul Karim Study Center, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. (2021)
Are We Back to 'Normal?' Geopolitics of the Post-Pandemic World. International Studies Seminar Series. OISP, Illinois State University. (2021)