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Dr. LJ Zigerell Jr

Associate Professor/Assessment Director
Politics and Government
Schroeder Hall - SCH 404
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L.J Zigerell is an Associate Professor of Politics and Government at Illinois State University. L.J's current research activities involve the study of race and sex discrimination and beliefs about inequalities.

Current Courses

497.001Introduction To Research Methodology

296.001Political Science Professional Development

296.002Political Science Professional Development

138.001Quantitative Reasoning In Political Science

215.001U.S. Judicial Process

291.003Undergraduate Teaching Experience In Political Science

499.001Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

287.002Independent Study

400.002Independent Study

296.001Political Science Professional Development

296.002Political Science Professional Development

138.004Quantitative Reasoning In Political Science

324.001Topics In Public Law

Teaching Interests & Areas

Judicial politics. Constitutional law. Legal thinking. Research methods

Research Interests & Areas

Race and sex bias. Researcher bias

Ph D Political Science

University of Pittsburgh

Other Teaching and Curriculum

Penn State Harrisburg

BS Engineering

Geneva College

Book, Chapter

L.J Zigerell. 2015. Maintaining the Technological Neutrality of the Fourth Amendment. In N. Lind and E. Rankin, Privacy in the Digital Age: 21st-Century Challenges to the Fourth Amendment.
L.J Zigerell and Heather Marie Rice. 2011. "Intense Ambivalence: Report on the 2006 and 2008 ANES Abortion Attitudes Measures." In J. Aldrich and K. M. McGraw (eds.), Improving Public Opinion Surveys: Interdisciplinary Innovation and the American National Election Studies. Princeton University Press.

Journal Article

Zigerell, L. Did Brett Kavanaugh's overt partisanship cause severe harm to the legitimacy of the US Supreme Court?. Social Science Quarterly (2021)
Zigerell, L. Perceived Discrimination against Black Americans and White Americans. Meta-Psychology 5 (2021): MP.2019.1778.
Zigerell, L. Reply to 'Powerless Conservatives or Powerless Findings?'. PS: Political Science & Politics 54.2 (2021): 270.
Zigerell, L. Technical comment on: Schneider, SP, Gonzalez, FJ (2021). 'Racial resentment predicts eugenics support more robustly than genetic attributions' Personality and Individual Differences, 180: 110989. Personality and Individual Differences 180 (2021): 111113.
Zigerell, L. US Public Perceptions of an Intelligence Quotient Test Score Gap between Black Americans and White Americans. Political Studies Review Online first (2020)