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Faculty Areas of Expertise

International and Comparative Politics

  • Michaelene Cox

    European politics, international law, human security, civic engagement, arts-based research methods.

  • Michael Hendricks

    Latin American politics, resource extraction, protests and social movements, Chinese investments, peacekeeping effectiveness.

  • Sherri Replogle

    American foreign policy, international conflict, military and security affairs.

  • Ali Riaz

    South Asian politics, Bangladeshi politics, religion and politics, political Islam, violent extremism, madrasas.

  • Yusuf Sarfati

    Middle East politics, democratization, social movements

  • Noha Shawki

    Transnational social movements and activism, human rights, United Nations, global governance.

  • T.Y. Wang

    East Asian politics, Cross-Strait relations, empirical research methodology.

American Politics and Law

  • Jason Cieslik

    Criminal Law/Procedure, evidence.

  • Lane Crothers

    Elections, globalization, popular culture, political culture.

  • Meghan Leonard

    American politics, judicial politics, U.S. Supreme Court, constitutional law.

  • Thomas McClure

    Constitutional law, legal profession, paralegals.

  • Kerri Milita

    Candidate rhetoric, voting, elections.

  • Carl L. Palmer

    Political psychology, public opinion, experimental methods, social stereotypes, Micronesian politics.

  • Erik Rankin

    American government, state and local politics, political leadership, food politics.

  • Lori Riverstone-Newell

    State and local government, urban politics and policy, environmental politics.

  • L. J. Zigerell

    Racial discrimination, Supreme Court nominations, political bias in research.



Political Theory

  • Kam Shapiro

    Democratic theory, radical democracy, violence, biopolitics, American political thought, Walter Benjamin, Carl Schmitt, William Wordsworth, Mark Twain, Vilfredo Pareto.

  • Julie Webber

    Gender and elections, political comedy, mass shootings and school violence.